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Friday, July 1, 2016

First of July Baby

First of July Baby

Oh for heavens sake.....it hardly seems possible but today is the First of July. Now for most people that means that BBQ's are coming soon and visions of fireworks are dancing in their heads. Not for me....or my family. First of July is the day my little redhead firecracker was born and life has never been the same. 

What Fireworks SHOULD look like

When my little firecracker exploded very very slowly (33 1/2 hours of labor, but who's counting) into my life I thought "GOOD"! A little bundle of red hair, blue eyes and blinking lashes will bring us all joy and excitement. And I was right! But rather than a beautiful synchronized display of fireworks, my little fireball was more like this:

Erica Nicole Gilgenbach was born in Moanalua, Hawaii and came 4 weeks early. She was a tiny little quiet thing and that's probably the last time anyone could call her that. She's been anything but quiet since and she definitely always has an opinion. 
Erica on her first day in the world
Look at that tiny little bundle!

Erica and Nate riding the big bronze tortoise at the world famous San Diego Zoo
Erica with her Uncle Nate at the San Diego Zoo

Look at that face! How could you tell that face no?

So that little spitfire grew up to be a beautiful young lady. I won't say those teenage years were easy....I won't even say they were hard. They were darned near inhumane. But I kept reminding myself that I didn't want shrinking violets for daughters, I wanted strong, independent, free-thinkers. And boy did I get them! This one was obstinate, defiant, self-centered and not particularly lovable at times. But thank goodness she eventually grew out of it. 

Well....most of it. 

And then she met her soul-mate. 

Erica and Chris's wedding photos
And this happened. 

Since then Erica continues to be a little firecracker in my life. Now she doesn't really explode all over the place...she just lights little fires here and there. She is talented and loving and cared deeply about her causes and concerns. She's just a beautiful young lady and I'm proud to call her my daughter. 

Happy Birthday Dear One!

There is no e-space between us!!

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