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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 12 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-Ok Ok...I know...I blew it!

Dang it! I blew it! It was Memorial Day weekend and trust me...I had every intention of keeping up with my 30 Day Challenge. Which is why I don't respond to fitness challenges either...doing ANYTHING for a straight 30 days consecutively appears to be beyond me. Call it lack of focus, call it ADHD, call it just plain jane rebellion. I'm not good at it! I always need a breather. 

Here is the difference though: Being such an all or nothing person, if I fall off the "wagon" then I normally say "I blew it" and then never pick it back up again. This one I'm going to pick up, dust myself off and get back on the 30 day blogging wagon.

I will file this under:

1) I'm human
2) I'm busy
3) I didn't wanna

Now I forgive myself and move on
My Favorite Childhood Book

My all time favorite childhood book was my actual favorite book growing up. I had a ratty tattered copy which is somewhere around (I have no idea where-see Hoarding) I have distinct memories of my parents reading me this book over and over. It is a quiet simple book from a different time. Jane's Blanket by Arthur Miller was the first and only children's book by the author of Death of A Salesman. 

As an adult, this book reads as a poignant reminder of how children perceive love and loss and some of the tough choices life faces us with. I highly recommend it!

Stay tuned tomorrow for What's Inside My Fridge

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Day 11 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-10 Favorite Foods

10 Favorite Foods

  1. Artichokes-Artichokes are delicious. Of course anything dipped in lemon butter is delicious. They are one of those foods that people either love or hate. There is no middle ground. I love them to distraction. When I was single and young and kidless I would microwave an artichoke which is horrifying to some...but when you are young you cut corners. Here is how to properly prepare and artichoke. Simple and delicious. 
  2. Coffee-I don't overdo coffee. Really I don't! But I NEED my cup or two of coffee in the morning. When I say need, I'm not exaggerating for dramatic effect although I do that from time to time. In fact there are many mornings that I question the wisdom of making my own coffee BEFORE I've had my coffee! Madness I tell you! For Mother's Day, my darling daughter and her even more darling hubby bought me a coffee subscription to DriftAway Coffee which makes the most delightful fresh roasted beans! This morning I'm drinking Ethiopia Shoye Sidama which has tasting notes of Peach, Honey and Floral (the package says that....I just taste delightful caffeine)
    It's so nice to try new things and I love the idea of a new flavor arriving every two weeks!
  3. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups-Do I really need to describe why? You all know...Reeses are the best chocolate candy in the history of ever. I can go so far as to critique the different types of Reeses candies. Reeses Pieces-No Go. Wrong balance and too hard a shell. The huge Reeses Heart that you see at Valentines? Nope. Wrong Chocolate to Peanut Butter ratio. The Reeses egg is the absolute perfect balance that exists in nature. It's the bomb. The chocolatey peanut buttery bomb. 
  4. Panang Curry-I like curry of all sorts but I LOVE Panang Curry. I especially love the Panang Curry at this little restaurant in Phoenix. If you live in the area you can't beat it. It literally lights my face on fire and I almost never can eat it and breathe at the same time but I can't help myself. If you are desperate it can be mixed with their Tom Yum soup which is my comfort soup for a delicious tasty sensation. They can thank me in the form of food. 
  5. Italian Pork Sandwich (only in Philly)-Now my hubby being from Philly has very strong opinions on cheesteaks. I think they all do. It's like a genetic thing. Although that doesn't make sense does it. It's geographically genetic. Now please don't lynch me Philly people but I don't care for cheesesteaks. I don't get the hype. A cheesteak here, there or anywhere just doesn't thrill me a bit. But.....I found my gastronomic true love at my last visit to a Philly institution Tony Lukes. It's called an Italian Pork Sandwich and it's served with spinach and extra sharp provolone....delicious!!
  6. Prime Rib-Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime. Love me some Prime Rib with horseradish! Delish!
  7. Dolmades-I just adore stuffed grape leaves. And I sort of kid myself they are healthy. After all they are green, right? But they are historically made with lamb and rice. Not exactly health food. But they are delicious if made fresh and not canned. I always ask at restaurants and they almost always take them out of a can...but the ones that make it onsite....to die for!
  8. Crepes-The very best kind are off a crepe stand on the streets of Paris.
    Photo via Pinterest
    Ham and Cheese or just sugar...hot and steaming and fresh off the griddle. Bon Appetit!
  9. Butterbeer Gelato-This concoction is attributed again to my wonderful daughter. She invited us over to her new place for a little family dinner and she bribed me by making the most decadent delicious melt in your mouth treat. It is inspired by Harry Potter of course. And it makes it on my list of favorite foods!
  10. Chips and Guacamole-Growing up in San Diego, chips and guacamole were a staple at every single party. I'm a big fan of chunky and very limey guac. Yes..the cool kids call it Guac. See? Wasn't that cool? Yum...I want some now!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's topic-My Favorite Childhood Book

Friday, May 27, 2016

Day 10 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-The Best Trip Of My Life

The Best Trip Of My Life (So Far)

I've been tremendously fortunate in my life to have had amazing travel adventures. I'd rather travel than eat(but it's a close race) so I'm always planning the next getaway. But if I MUST pare it down to my favorite, I have to pick my cruise through the Panama Canal, Caribbean and Mexico with my kidlets. 

It isn't just the trip that was my favorite, but the time in my life that contributes to it bringing such fond memories. All told we were gone 18 days and to say that it was the trip of our lives isn't exaggerating. It really was a blast. Please don't judge the photos...this was 2001 and they are pilfered from my scrapbook. Yes I used to scrapbook...religiously...but that's a topic for another day.

Yep...that big ole ship was home for two weeks!!

Best time ever with the kidlets!

My little one lost her tooth in Aruba....tough life that one...

Livin the life...

Now they are all grown and have lives of their own but I know that they look back as fondly as I do on that trip. It was when we were a family and all together and experiencing things for the first time all at the same time...

Ft Lauderdale
Costa Rica
Panama Canal
Cabo San Lucas
San Diego

Time of your life? Huh kid?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's topic My Ten Favorite Foods

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Day 9 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag?

Thank HEAVENS this came up at a time when my bag is borderline acceptable! And no, I didn't clean it out for this blog. I swear...this is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But in the spirit of transparency, I do need to admit that from time to time my bag contains cold chicken, stud finders, hammers and possible a yard or two of twine. It's just how I roll....

First of all I think we should acknowledge my bag. I've carried this for the better part of 3 years without fail. I love it to bits. It's a Leaders In Leather and I love every bag they've ever made. Pay no attention to the DIY Paint on the straps. It's not there....it's a figment of your imagination. But I think it may be Mermaid Tail

Ok here's the stash. 
  1. Wallet
  2. Penny
  3. Check I picked up for a girlfriend
  4. Random business cards
  5. Not one but TWO thumb drives
  6. Earphones
  7. Chandelier crystal
  8. More pens than any human needs in their purse
  9. Business Card pouch
  10. Charger
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Square
  13. Car and house keys
  14. Random key that I have NO idea what it goes to
  15. Coupons and grocery receipt
  16. Giftcards

How cute is this business card case?? Nancy got me that on one of her trips when I was feeling badly about being a bitch (not my word...but someone else's)

Did I mention Imodium? Yeah...there is some of that too. 

So what does that say about me? I'd love to know....it gets better...it gets worse...but there it is!

Stay tuned for the next installment. "Best Trip Of Your Life"

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 8 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-5 Current Goals

5 Current Goals

Today is Tuesday and after a "not-feeling-so-well" Monday I have sixteen zillion things on my plate to play catch-up and the stress is currently weighing me down a bit. I'm going to focus on very near future goals because that's about as far out as my over taxed brain can process at the moment so here goes nothing:

1) To figure this blogging thing out. I want to get better at scheduling and adding content and just plain telling you about my day (the interesting stuff at least). For example....I really don't like this stupid font, but I'm danged if I can figure out how to add fonts to make it different and then stay consistent. Consistency isn't my strong suit...

2) Consistency.....you saw that coming, didn't you?!? I really need to find a rhythm to this "stay at home and work" thing. I'm not lacking motivation and I'm not lacking drive....but I do find myself spinning my wheels a lot and I need to increase the focus and the consistency. Learning how to grow my business (of repurposing furniture and vintage accessories) and sharing that with you guys is harder than I imagined. But we are going to do this! We are going to fly like an eagle!

3) Flying like an eagle. Do you see a trend here? A dear friend sent me this video yesterday about change. And the pain of change. And the sacrifice of change. But ultimately the necessity and the gifts of change in our lives. It moved me to tears...maybe it will impact you as well?

4) To practice self-care. Even though I have those sixteen zillion things on my plate, I still matter. And if I don't practice caring for myself than what is the point of all of this. Here are the things that I'd like to have a goal to practice:
  • Nails (even if I do it myself)
  • Moving my body every day
  • Meditation (even if that means spending 5 minutes in quiet reflection)
  • Fueling my body with appropriate food (no, that doesn't mean Sonic)
  • Staying hydrated (Not overdoing coffee) 
Let's start there and I will let you know how that goes. 

5) Communicating my needs to my husband. I'm so used to being independent and on the go all the time, I've all but stopped needing him for much (well to be honest I've always been financially independent and done what I wanted, when I wanted it). Now that I don't have a steady income I need to communicate with him about what I need and why. Not so easy for him...not so easy for me. But we are navigating it and honoring that this is a big change in our relationship. The point being....if you don't hear from either of us for 3-5 days, please send the authorities to check the attic for body parts! JK!!!

See y'all tomorrow! Stay tuned for What's in my Bag/Wallet. Yikes...be afraid...be very afraid!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Day 7 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-My Five Favorite Songs

My Five Favorite Songs

I have to pick just five? That's nearly impossible!!! That's crazy! Do you know how many songs I have on my IPod? It's 8 GBs!!

Ok here goes nothing:

1) Anything Anything-Dramarama

This song clearly represents a time in my life. A somewhat carefree time when all was fun and light and a little aggressive. That was all denial.....it wasn't real but I was danged determined to pretend that everything was all right and that I wasn't lost and foundering. I was having fun! I was I was I was!!! I do appreciate the Buck Cherry version as well

2) Time After Time-Any Cindy Lauper version

In my humble opinion...which matters not a whit, this is the best song ever written. It makes me FEEL...in the real, authentic way that so few songs do anymore. It's a real song that really matters and although it's been covered a bazillion times I think it doesn't get the credit it deserves.

3) Bella's Lullaby-Carter Burwell

I know..I know...it's on the Twilight soundtrack. But this song I think is so lovely. It makes me want to play piano again. It's haunting and has a wonderful internal energy to it that swells my spirit. Listening to this song is almost a spiritual experience for me.

4) Rhiannon-Fleetwood Mac

Do I even need to justify this one? It's Stevie for heavens sake! I've never been a huge Fleetwood Mac fan growing up but in my forties some of the classics have grown on me. That rasp though!

Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night and
Wouldn't you love to love her?
Takes to the sky like a bird in flight and
Who will be her lover?
All your life you've never seen
A woman taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven?
Will you ever win?
She is like a cat in the dark and then
She is the darkness
She rules her life like a fine skylark and when
The sky is starless
All your life you've never seen
A woman taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised you heaven?
Will you ever win?
Will you ever win?

5) The Thunder Rolls-Garth Brooks

This song is such a good quiet brooding song. It's the best crescendo song I can think of with a huge build and an amazing delivery. I realize sometimes that I forget to breathe during it and it leaves me gasping for air a bit. I'm realizing that this is the only "country" song on the list despite the fact that I generally listen to country music these days...Interesting?!?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog on My 5 Current Goals

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Day 6 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-What I'm Afraid Of

  1. Failure
  2. My mouth
  3. Scorpions
  4. Getting old
  5. Not traveling
  6. My kids getting hurt
  7. My husband dying (or getting hurt of course...but the actual fear is of losing him)
  8. Not making a difference
  9. Making a mistake
  10. My parents aging
  11. Being told no when it really matters
  12. Losing my conscious contact
  13. That our generation and those before have irreparably damaged the planet
  14. War
  15. Being in a car accident
  16. Being out of control
  17. Losing my eyesight
  18. Letting my husband down

Not necessarily in that order. List may be larger than it appears. No judgement....scorpions are scary here in Arizona!!

Day 5 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-My Proudest Moment

My Proudest Moment

Well of course this has to do with my kids. Don't they all make us puff up with pride and "look at my baby and what they did!! They came out of me! I changed their diapers" kind of misplaced ego. But of course they can plunge us into the greatest despair as well. Hi's and Low's...that's what the little hellions are I tell you!! It's all Hi's and Low's. I will never forget the first call from the principal. Now mind you it was kindergarten for my oldest and I was clearly delusional that my perfect little angel couldn't possible do anything to prompt a call from the principal! But she sure did...there was a reason that we called the two of them "Chaos and Mayhem". I'm not kidding...they answered to it!

But I digress...I've had so many proud moments with them. Dance recitals, singing competitions, art exhibits and those wonderful A's on the report card ( I should have appreciated them more!!) And it sounds kind of funny but some of the things I'm most proud of today is what truly cool adults they are.

As we know...adulting is rarely fun but my little redhead rebel is happily married and has a very contented life and my "never-the-same-hair-color-twice" little Meggie-Moo has grown into a lovely, smart, compassionate mini-me.
The offspring and I at E's wedding

So I guess that is really my proudest moment. That somehow against all odds, in spite of faulty parenting and tough breaks, they have turned into lovely young women who make a substantial footprint in the lives of those they love. Including mine....love you Chaos and Mayhem!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Day 4 of 30 Day Blogging Challenge-My Dream Job

My Dream Job

My idea of a dream job-NOT!!

Now this is a tougher thing to talk about for me. I am one of those strange people that has no boundaries around my job. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I am blissfully unaware of where ME ends and the JOB starts....and vice versa. Now the good thing is I've always had jobs that I've loved. They've never been J-O-B-S for me....but how I lived my life.

Except for one....I had one job that I worked at for a year when I was 19. It was a bakery. I was the manager. It was horrible. First of all...yes the smell of carbs can be exhausting. But that never stopped me from eating them. Second of all bakers are flakes. Let me say that again. BAKERS ARE FLAKES!!! SO there were more than a handful of days that I'd work all day and then get the 1am call that the baker hadn't shown up and I'd have to bake all night then work again all day the next day. All on salary. Dang it! Plus....you've been kind enough not to mention which anyone who knows me knows. I CAN'T COOK! I suck at it....so I'm sure I was brilliant at my job. I walked away from that one with zero regrets.

And 20 extra pounds.

Dang it!

So now 30 years and many many many hours later I find myself in a position that I get to choose my dream job. And take my life and make it into what I want it to be. I've spent countless blood, sweat and tears working to help others succeed and now I have a chance to do that for myself. My expectations are different. My goals are different. My needs are different. So here they are:

1) To make a difference in the world
2) To be creative, not just with my mind, but with my hands and my heart
3) To get dirty
4) To not have to wear makeup every day
5) To have something tangible that I can be proud of
6) To make people happy
7) To inspire someone
8) To collaborate with others
9) To innovate
10) To have the ability to stop what I'm doing and meet a friend for coffee and an attitude refresh
11) To have the occasional weekend off with hubs
12) To hang with my fur-kid

And there she goes....wish me luck!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's topic: Your proudest moment

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Day 3 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-My Favourite Quote

Well this topic seemed to be very easy and straightforward. My favourite quote is easy and comes to mind immediately. I've told everyone I know that I want it etched somewhere permanent when I'm gone. It meant so much to me at one time in my life and still holds importance today. But how to explain why it is my favorite. It for sure is not profound. It for sure is not smart. But it for sure IS wise!

"Time of your life, huh, kid?"- Guido the killer pimp (Risky Business)

**warning...colorful metaphors and adult content in this video**

This quote represented so many things to me:

      • Personal accountability
      • Cause and effect
      • Play and pay
      • Tangerine Dream
      • And most of all that "morning after" feeling of "oh *&@$ what have I done"!!
Now don't get me wrong! Most of it was entirely worth it....but that sinking feeling in your stomach when the panic and consequences set in.....that was the magic moment. The moment you ask yourself whether or not it was all worth it. Make sure the answer is YES!!

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about My Dream Job

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 2 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-20 Facts About Me

20 Facts about me!?! I'm not sure I have 20 interesting facts but here it goes!

1) I love travel! I would go anywhere for just about any reason. And I get wanderlust really quickly. I usually am planning one trip while on another. I can fool myself sometimes by just going somewhere for the weekend to reset my "impulse" button.

2) I don't drink alcohol. Although I frequently find myself in bars since hubby is a musician. It is way more fun watching people drinking and being idiots than being the idiot myself! 

3) I love my dog! Probably not a surprise to many of you since he has his own hashtag. #puppersthejunkyarddog . His name is Puppers and he absolutely rules the roost here. The other truth is that I love him way more than he loves me. He is totally my hubs dog....totally. I just beg him to love me and he tosses a bone my way every now and again!

4) I am a book fanatic. I only read at night now and I frequently lose track of time and read into the wee hours than feel regretful and remorseful the next day while I'm trying to haul my tired butt out of bed!

5) I'm a goofball. I accept and embrace my goofiness however hubs who is a closeted goofball thinks he's hip, slick and cool...He's not. As evidenced by this photo...he's a total goof too. It's one of his finest qualities!

6) I was a mighty cute kid! And I was raised in San Diego. Both of these facts are equally important to "who I am". I did, however, have no hair which I'm sure you are all kind enough not to point out! 

7) I have ZERO patience! Waiting in line? Nope! Holding on the phone? Absolutely not! Filling out forms? Are you kidding me? I'll be tapping my fingers and fidgeting and swearing under my breath. The photo below is one that I IG'd waiting in line at the Post Office which was making me seriously Cray-Cray (As if taking a photo at the Post Office isn't crazy enough)! I just have people to see and places to go and if you are in my way....YOU ARE IN MY WAY!!!

8) I'm a warm weather gal. I've lived in three locations in my life. 
    • San Diego
    • Hawaii
    • Phoenix

Get the picture? I am one of those that throws on a light jacket if the temps plummet into the 70's. You get it, right?

9) I like to color my hair. Alot. Different every time. I'm not one of those that you can call a brunette, or a blonde or a redhead....I'm more like all of the above...and then some. Who knows what's next? Red?

10) I have amazing, talented, beautiful, kind, ingenious daughters. Two of them! They challenge me, and fill me with love, and drive me crazy, and love me to pieces. I never thought of myself of the nurturing kind of parent...and they would probably tell you that I'm not, but they sure changed my life and I can't imagine a minute without either of them!

 11) I live in Arizona. This is quite a fact. I never thought I'd live here but I've actually been here 10 years August 1st! It's been a long strange trip! In my time in Arizona I've come to the following conclusions:

  • I love monsoons...they are super cool. And saying the word "haboob" is even cooler!
  • I've developed an appreciation for the desert landscape. All cacti are not created equal
  • Spring and Fall here are absolute Heaven. Summer is Hell personified. Winter is cool
  • Misters are awesome. Pools are awesome. And the people are the best
12) I love old stuff. I often wonder if I were born in another time or another place. It's possible! But I am so drawn to the gentility of another time and the lifestyle of another place. Since I can't be there....I try to fill here with as many old things as I can that speak to me or lift me up!

13) I'm adopted. That's just kind of a fact...not terribly interesting. I was adopted by an amazing couple when I was 3 months old and I always grew up knowing that I was wanted and adored and took a journey to find my family. Then several years ago I got the chance to meet and get to know my birth family and they are amazing people too! I just couldn't be more blessed!

14) I adore my girlfriends. I have the best and the most beautiful girlfriends on earth. I love them fiercely and they are my family. That is all!

15) I am very sarcastic. I speak it fluently. To a fault. Not everyone appreciates it. Sucks to be them....Ok but to be honest it is not just my defense mechanism but also evidence of my sparkling personality and quick wit. If I'm not sarcastic...how do you know how smart I am? I do try to close my mouth and only be sarcastic in my head but see #18

16) I suck at fishing and camping but I actually like both. I'm a terrible fisherwoman (see #7) and I don't like to get dirty or have worm guts under my nails but as long as someone will plop me in a chair with my toes in the water and help me cast so that no one loses an eye when I try it....I'm 100% in! As far as camping...again....do the setup and give me smores. I'm your girl!

17) Coffee is a non-negotiable. I've tried...I've cut back...It's not pretty. I need coffee in the morning and I need it bad. In fact, I can't really make coffee without coffee first so it's preferable that you hand it to me in a steaming mug while my feet are still in slippers. For you that is.....

18) I have resting bitch face. I have exercising bitch face...I just have a bitchy face. And I can't hide my emotions....my every thought comes right through my eyes. Whether or not they are rolling. I can't hide one single tiny thought....it's all right out there for the world to see. Dang it! 

19. I like to write. Probably comes from having a father that's an English professor and a mother that's an attorney. Words and wordsmithing comes easy to me. I guess that's the blogger coming to life, huh?

And finally......If you've held on this long....drum roll please!

20. I love Bravo. It's my biggest dirty secret. My hugest shame...The housewives, the yachties, the cooking shows...i love it all....I watch it in the middle of the night or Sunday mornings when hubs is still asleep (he won't tolerate the nonsense). I just love it. There...it's out!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post: My Favorite Quote

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

DIY Paint Workshops Summer 2016

For registration contact Jen at 623-337-0793 or Furniture Affair at 602-863-9955 Email junkyardjezebelaz@gmail.com or info@furnitureaffair.com

Intro To Furniture Painting and BYOF Workshops

Here is a description of what you can expect at an Intro to Furniture Painting Workshop. Plan on 2 hours of fun and learning. After this workshop you can sign up for one of my BYO Furniture Workshops and get to paint and finish your very own treasure! Sign up for classes by calling 623-337-0793 to speak directly to Jen or call 602-863-9955 to register at Furniture Affair. Feel free to email either junkyardjezebelaz@gmail.com or info@furnitureaffair.com . We are all here to help!

Ok...Ok...I'll join in! Day 1 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

I've seen this all over the blogosphere and I've never really been tempted. Most of all because I always think my clever ideas are better than other clever ideas. I'm sure you agree, but here I am trying to get into better blogging habits rather than being STRUCK by brilliance and then emoting all over the darned page. So here I find myself with a challenge to blog every day for 30 days. Can I really follow directions? Conform to the masses? Find something quippy to say every single solitary day? Access both my keyboard and my brain every day for 30 days (successively)? Well here goes nothing!

Day One: Your Blog's Name

This one should be easy. I've always been about a bargain. I've always seen beauty in the "broken, battered, or bruised" pieces of life. About 5 years ago I started to develop a love...no...an obsession with vintage and vintage-inspired decorating. I loved the recycle-renew-reuse concept and felt the pull towards the past. Living in Arizona as a transplanted San Diegan I truly missed the value of the historical. San Diego as a city is not as old and historic as places back east and down south and I really felt drawn towards them. Almost overnight I developed wanderlust.

Unfortunately I did it alone. Not with my husband and partner. Coming from Philadelphia, he has a much more dismissive approach to anything old. In fact, to him, new is much more desirable and is inspirational. So I found myself at odds with this and struggled to include him in my journey.

So Junkyard was a natural for me....I love everything rusty and dusty, metal and wood. Shabby to industrial and everything in between.

Jezebel to me represented everything forbidden, secretive, and felt...well...a little bit wicked! I wanted to be the "bad-girl" of junking...so what better name?

It was then that Junkyard Jezebel was born!

Stay tuned...tomorrow will be 20 Facts About Me

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market May 2016 (aka: I'm exhausted and need a nap....and a massage)

I made it! I survived!! I feel like I should have a t-shirt....It was too much work and too much fun and just the right amount of being surrounded by people that I love and that "get" what speaks to me. In other words it was a blast and I am now getting geared up and excited for the July Market in lovely San Diego, CA. As you can imagine I don't need my arm twisted to go to the beach in July! But here is the debrief of this fun market. First we started by lining up the trucks. Did I mention that I drove a U-haul all on my own? And there were no casualties (that I know of)

Then while we waited in the line of trucks to be guided into our spot, the interns provided entertainment.

Here are way, way, way too many photos of my first vintage market booth...but here goes it in all it's evolutions.....the constant changing was sure fun!!

I showed just a bit of DIY Paint to let people know that Laura and I were dealers and painters. It was a bit too hot in Scottsdale to do too much paint outside!

 A little bit of something for everyone. Those breadboards were sold out in a flash! Now to get more!!

My beautiful daughter Ricky's jewelry. She's so talented!!

Love these mini baking tins! They would look so cute in a glass apothecary!

Breadboards and Dough Bowls and Spools oh my!!

Stack em high!!

My fave piece is the sweet curio cabinet! The hit of my booth for sure!

Junk In The Trunk is such a busy market!

My darling daughter Ricky and I celebrating Mothers Day at the market!

"Speak Softly and Carry A Big Stick"! These ladies have it goin on!!

Thanks for visiting my market photos!! My next market is coming up in San Diego at Liberty Station July 16th-17th. More details to come!!