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Friday, July 8, 2016

Packing My Bags For The Beach

Check out this beautiful petal pusher blue cabinet heading to San Diego Junk In The Trunk Market

 I'm packing my bags to get out of Phoenix!! Here is a basic truth about living in the desert...it's hot in the summer. I mean UNBEARABLY hot....and no one has any patience with everyone being hot. So the only reasonable thing to do is get out. And any smart person knows that they should head to the beach. Right?

So when the sweet gals at Junk In The Trunk announced that they were doing their fabulous vintage market in San Diego....in July....right near the water.....I waffled.

I hemmed and I hawed....I sat a spell and thunk on it. I deliberated. I carefully weighed the pros and the cons. I calculated profitability vs effort. 

And 30 seconds later I pressed SEND! 

No brainer.... 


Here's where we all need to be if we love good junkin!! San Diego Liberty Station July 16th & July 17th, 2016

So here I find myself packing up to head out to San Diego. And it couldn't come a moment too soon! May and June nearly killed me! But I wanted to do something a little different this summer. I've been super inspired by maps and globes and the saturated color that I associate with summer. So I've been on a quest and here are some of my treasures that will be coming with me to the beach!

I love this primitive secretary and cabinet painted in DIY Paint's Petal Pusher and Beadboard White

See a color trend? I just can't get over the gorgeous blues in the DIY Paint line! 

I love globes! Do you?

It is so easy to paint with this paint. This color (Pedal Pusher) is so yummy! If you want to learn how to paint with chalk and clay paints and you are in the Phoenix area, check out my workshops HERE!

I adore this map in a vintage window frame! Love this idea!

Love these colors! They remind me of summer!

Check out my market schedule so you can come find me HERE!

Beautiful Petal Pusher Blue cabinet is going for a ride to the beach!
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