Saturday, May 28, 2016

Day 11 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-10 Favorite Foods

10 Favorite Foods

  1. Artichokes-Artichokes are delicious. Of course anything dipped in lemon butter is delicious. They are one of those foods that people either love or hate. There is no middle ground. I love them to distraction. When I was single and young and kidless I would microwave an artichoke which is horrifying to some...but when you are young you cut corners. Here is how to properly prepare and artichoke. Simple and delicious. 
  2. Coffee-I don't overdo coffee. Really I don't! But I NEED my cup or two of coffee in the morning. When I say need, I'm not exaggerating for dramatic effect although I do that from time to time. In fact there are many mornings that I question the wisdom of making my own coffee BEFORE I've had my coffee! Madness I tell you! For Mother's Day, my darling daughter and her even more darling hubby bought me a coffee subscription to DriftAway Coffee which makes the most delightful fresh roasted beans! This morning I'm drinking Ethiopia Shoye Sidama which has tasting notes of Peach, Honey and Floral (the package says that....I just taste delightful caffeine)
    It's so nice to try new things and I love the idea of a new flavor arriving every two weeks!
  3. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups-Do I really need to describe why? You all know...Reeses are the best chocolate candy in the history of ever. I can go so far as to critique the different types of Reeses candies. Reeses Pieces-No Go. Wrong balance and too hard a shell. The huge Reeses Heart that you see at Valentines? Nope. Wrong Chocolate to Peanut Butter ratio. The Reeses egg is the absolute perfect balance that exists in nature. It's the bomb. The chocolatey peanut buttery bomb. 
  4. Panang Curry-I like curry of all sorts but I LOVE Panang Curry. I especially love the Panang Curry at this little restaurant in Phoenix. If you live in the area you can't beat it. It literally lights my face on fire and I almost never can eat it and breathe at the same time but I can't help myself. If you are desperate it can be mixed with their Tom Yum soup which is my comfort soup for a delicious tasty sensation. They can thank me in the form of food. 
  5. Italian Pork Sandwich (only in Philly)-Now my hubby being from Philly has very strong opinions on cheesteaks. I think they all do. It's like a genetic thing. Although that doesn't make sense does it. It's geographically genetic. Now please don't lynch me Philly people but I don't care for cheesesteaks. I don't get the hype. A cheesteak here, there or anywhere just doesn't thrill me a bit. But.....I found my gastronomic true love at my last visit to a Philly institution Tony Lukes. It's called an Italian Pork Sandwich and it's served with spinach and extra sharp provolone....delicious!!
  6. Prime Rib-Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime. Love me some Prime Rib with horseradish! Delish!
  7. Dolmades-I just adore stuffed grape leaves. And I sort of kid myself they are healthy. After all they are green, right? But they are historically made with lamb and rice. Not exactly health food. But they are delicious if made fresh and not canned. I always ask at restaurants and they almost always take them out of a can...but the ones that make it die for!
  8. Crepes-The very best kind are off a crepe stand on the streets of Paris.
    Photo via Pinterest
    Ham and Cheese or just and steaming and fresh off the griddle. Bon Appetit!
  9. Butterbeer Gelato-This concoction is attributed again to my wonderful daughter. She invited us over to her new place for a little family dinner and she bribed me by making the most decadent delicious melt in your mouth treat. It is inspired by Harry Potter of course. And it makes it on my list of favorite foods!
  10. Chips and Guacamole-Growing up in San Diego, chips and guacamole were a staple at every single party. I'm a big fan of chunky and very limey guac. Yes..the cool kids call it Guac. See? Wasn't that cool? Yum...I want some now!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's topic-My Favorite Childhood Book

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