Thursday, May 19, 2016

Day 3 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-My Favourite Quote

Well this topic seemed to be very easy and straightforward. My favourite quote is easy and comes to mind immediately. I've told everyone I know that I want it etched somewhere permanent when I'm gone. It meant so much to me at one time in my life and still holds importance today. But how to explain why it is my favorite. It for sure is not profound. It for sure is not smart. But it for sure IS wise!

"Time of your life, huh, kid?"- Guido the killer pimp (Risky Business)

**warning...colorful metaphors and adult content in this video**

This quote represented so many things to me:

      • Personal accountability
      • Cause and effect
      • Play and pay
      • Tangerine Dream
      • And most of all that "morning after" feeling of "oh *&@$ what have I done"!!
Now don't get me wrong! Most of it was entirely worth it....but that sinking feeling in your stomach when the panic and consequences set in.....that was the magic moment. The moment you ask yourself whether or not it was all worth it. Make sure the answer is YES!!

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about My Dream Job

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