Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 8 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-5 Current Goals

5 Current Goals

Today is Tuesday and after a "not-feeling-so-well" Monday I have sixteen zillion things on my plate to play catch-up and the stress is currently weighing me down a bit. I'm going to focus on very near future goals because that's about as far out as my over taxed brain can process at the moment so here goes nothing:

1) To figure this blogging thing out. I want to get better at scheduling and adding content and just plain telling you about my day (the interesting stuff at least). For example....I really don't like this stupid font, but I'm danged if I can figure out how to add fonts to make it different and then stay consistent. Consistency isn't my strong suit...

2) Consistency.....you saw that coming, didn't you?!? I really need to find a rhythm to this "stay at home and work" thing. I'm not lacking motivation and I'm not lacking drive....but I do find myself spinning my wheels a lot and I need to increase the focus and the consistency. Learning how to grow my business (of repurposing furniture and vintage accessories) and sharing that with you guys is harder than I imagined. But we are going to do this! We are going to fly like an eagle!

3) Flying like an eagle. Do you see a trend here? A dear friend sent me this video yesterday about change. And the pain of change. And the sacrifice of change. But ultimately the necessity and the gifts of change in our lives. It moved me to tears...maybe it will impact you as well?

4) To practice self-care. Even though I have those sixteen zillion things on my plate, I still matter. And if I don't practice caring for myself than what is the point of all of this. Here are the things that I'd like to have a goal to practice:
  • Nails (even if I do it myself)
  • Moving my body every day
  • Meditation (even if that means spending 5 minutes in quiet reflection)
  • Fueling my body with appropriate food (no, that doesn't mean Sonic)
  • Staying hydrated (Not overdoing coffee) 
Let's start there and I will let you know how that goes. 

5) Communicating my needs to my husband. I'm so used to being independent and on the go all the time, I've all but stopped needing him for much (well to be honest I've always been financially independent and done what I wanted, when I wanted it). Now that I don't have a steady income I need to communicate with him about what I need and why. Not so easy for him...not so easy for me. But we are navigating it and honoring that this is a big change in our relationship. The point being....if you don't hear from either of us for 3-5 days, please send the authorities to check the attic for body parts! JK!!!

See y'all tomorrow! Stay tuned for What's in my Bag/Wallet. Yikes...be afraid...be very afraid!

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