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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Day 5 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-My Proudest Moment

My Proudest Moment

Well of course this has to do with my kids. Don't they all make us puff up with pride and "look at my baby and what they did!! They came out of me! I changed their diapers" kind of misplaced ego. But of course they can plunge us into the greatest despair as well. Hi's and Low's...that's what the little hellions are I tell you!! It's all Hi's and Low's. I will never forget the first call from the principal. Now mind you it was kindergarten for my oldest and I was clearly delusional that my perfect little angel couldn't possible do anything to prompt a call from the principal! But she sure did...there was a reason that we called the two of them "Chaos and Mayhem". I'm not kidding...they answered to it!

But I digress...I've had so many proud moments with them. Dance recitals, singing competitions, art exhibits and those wonderful A's on the report card ( I should have appreciated them more!!) And it sounds kind of funny but some of the things I'm most proud of today is what truly cool adults they are.

As we know...adulting is rarely fun but my little redhead rebel is happily married and has a very contented life and my "never-the-same-hair-color-twice" little Meggie-Moo has grown into a lovely, smart, compassionate mini-me.
The offspring and I at E's wedding

So I guess that is really my proudest moment. That somehow against all odds, in spite of faulty parenting and tough breaks, they have turned into lovely young women who make a substantial footprint in the lives of those they love. Including mine....love you Chaos and Mayhem!

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