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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Day 15 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-Where Will I Be In 5 Years

Where Will I Be In 5 Years

Gosh, where will I be in one year? I've shaken everything up so much this year that I truly have no idea. I feel like anything I type here is either defeatist or pie in the sky thinking. But I've been guilty of both so here goes nothing.....

I think in 5 years I will still be living in Phoenix. Since that is probably inevitable I'm going to assume that I take one long and several short jaunts out of town every year. 1/2 with hubs and 1/2 with girlfriends or to visit Mom & Daddy-o. 

I will be self-employed. I will be doing what I love and something others love as well. I will employ and inspire other women. 

I will still be writing this blog. It may evolve...it may change.....but I will not stop writing even if it's only to hear myself type. 

My children will be self-sufficient and happy. They will be fulfilled and functioning but still need their Mom every now and again. Someday I will get one or both of them in the pool. How did I raise such land-lubbers? 

My hair will be a color. It will not be natural. It will not be my original. But it will be mine. And I will work it. And I will already be planning on the next color. 

I will be driving a truck. Yes a truck. I'm tired of trying to fit this square peg into a sedan-shaped hole. I'm not a sedan girl. I'm not the short skirt-long jacket girl anymore either. I live in my vehicle and I need it to function for me. Loading junk into a sedan sucks. And it's ridiculous. I need a truck. 

I will be healthy but probably still trying to lose weight and still bemoaning the fact that ice cream has calories. Of all the stupid plans for the universe...the whole cause and effect thing of eating just isn't fair! 

I will learn how to golf. I will never be good. I will never even be bad...I will be way worse than that. But I will try....and I will laugh at myself almost as much as others will laugh at me. But if you can't learn to golf in Arizona where can you?

I will have two doglets. One will be a German Shepard. Puppers will be dragging tail at the ripe old age of 13. He will still be a princess and prefer to be carried to bed. 

I will still be involved in service work. To a fault. At the expense of much....because I can. And because someone did it before me. 

I will still over-commit. And struggle to say no. And be a good friend. I'm ok with that. 

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