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Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 24 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-What Attracts Me In Love

What Attracts Me In Love?

Can I just skip this one? Pretty please? No one REALLY wants to know anyways....Can I just say "Please see photo of Mr. Jezebel"? After all...I'm pretty sure I'm done with the love nonsense after him anyways and who the heck wants to drudge up the attraction question?

Damn...ok...no getting around it I guess. So here goes nothing.

I have no type.



You literally can track nothing from one relationship or even crush to the next. There is nothing in common between the men in my life except quite possibly a touch of mental instability. There you go! A common thread! I'm attracted to just a smidge of crazy! Shocker!

But all joking aside (that wasn't really a joke), It clearly isn't physical since there is virtually no resemblance...

1) Sense of humor-All dark, all twisted, all inappropriate
2) Charismatic-Most but not all
3) Hard workers-Most but not all
4) Readers-Not a single one
5) Sports fans-Most but not all
6) Music lovers-Every single one...that appears to be a big draw for me

7) Speak the same language-fluent sarcasm

8) Tattoos-All

So it comes down to Tattooed-Smart ass-Sarcastic-Music Lovers....there you go...a recipe for my heart! 

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