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Monday, June 6, 2016

Day 17 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-My Favorite Blogs

My Favorite Blogs

I read so many blogs these days....trying to keep up....trying to be inspired....and just because I get on random tangents and keep clicking. But I do have a few that I always go back to again and again. I still get excited when I see their posts in my feed. They inspire me because of different reasons but they all keep me coming back for more. 

  • Victoria Elizabeth Barnes- This was the first blog that I truly followed every single post. And read EVERY SINGLE POST that she had written. When I was in Philly I briefly thought about stalking her until hubs reminded me of stalking laws. I love her writing style, her subject matter and the fact that, well, she's a little crazy. You simply must go read and follow her because she is simply pee-your-pants funny and because I said so!!!
  • The Shabby Creek Cottage- Gina's blog is everything to eat, make and decorate. In addition to the best tips and ideas, she reaches out and helps other bloggers to find success. She is a master collaborator and an all around great gal. While her writing is more straightforward, her videos are the best. She does regular videos and is so real and approachable. If you like recipes or shortcuts or aqua...make sure you follow her! 

  • Redoux Interiors- Karen is one of my favorites! She is a nutty redhead and probably my most favorite dumpster diver ever! Her garage looks pretty much like mine and she is so real and approachable! She has the cutest ideas to "re-doux" her trashy finds and they always turn out looking darling. This girl has vision! And she is super funny! Love her!

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