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Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 27 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-What's In My Closet?

What's In My Closet?

The better questions would be "What's NOT in my closet"? The answer to that would be doors....my closet lacks doors. Not just ONE door...but any doors...anywhere..in the whole dang house! Aghast?!? Shocked? Filled with self-righteous indignation? ME TOO!!! Imagine the horror! 

Now that I've used my weeks allotment of exclamation points, I will explain WHY I have no closet doors. It's simple really, the house didn't come with them. 3 years ago. Yes for 3 years I've lived without closet doors. But first we must examine what kind of hippie pinko freak takes ALL the closet doors and tracks out of an entire house!?!? Sorry....was that rude? But seriously, who does that? Were they trying to gain square footage? Did they like flaunting their wardrobe? Was she a Chanel collector? Did she have 3548 pairs of shoes and fully 1/4 of them had red soles? Did she foster 12 orphan children and they used them as bedrooms? Those are pretty much the only excuses one could offer that I would deem reasonable. 

Why have I lived here for 3 years and STILL have no closets? Shut your mouth! Casting aspersions!! It's clearly because I cannot settle for just ANY closet door that you can pick up at Home Depot. Ohhhh nooooo sister I have to have SPECIAL closet doors.....and they are all $1000+ per door...and I have how many closets in this dang house? I have 7 closets...that's right....7 naked closets! 

Now here is my dilemma. 

Photo Via Pinterest

I can't help but love the clean lines of a shoji screen look. I like the way they operate and I can have them on small and large closets alike. I like that you can't really see through them...but you feel like you might be able to. All the way around I do love these. 

Photo via Etsy

Barn doors...need I say more? Don't we all want one? Or seven? Now although it may not be practical for all my closet doors it would definitely work for 3 of them, but of course then I would need to decide what to do with the others? Stalemate! Impass!! Do not pass Go...do not collect $200! 

And that explains perfectly reasonable why I have no closet doors. End of story. 

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