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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day 22 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-My Worst Habits

My Worst Habits

I feel like I've already revealed most of these but as long as we are lingering on my crazy...we might as well do it again! Caveat: These are what habits I consider my worst....I did not consult anyone who might dispute them like...say...my husband...or my kids....or of course my co-workers. Puppers might want to weigh in as well but I deliberately kept them all out of the research part of this process! 

1) Finishing other peoples Sentences

This may actually be an offshoot of another milder annoying habit I have which is impatience. Rarely do I have a conversation with someone that I'm chomping at the bit to finish their sentence and try to hurry it all along. Especially if they are boring...or droning on...or it's already information that I know....Or just about anything else. I prefer conversations with people that require few words to get to the point. Transitions, adjectives, pronouns....mostly unnecessary. 

2) Procrastination

I am simultaneously a procrastinator and an "early-bird-gets-the-worm" person. There are certain things I will push off and off and off just because "I don't wanna" which I think should be a valid excuse for anything. Just for me though....no one else gets that pass. 

3) Bitchy Resting Face

Not to be confused in any way with Bitch at Rest which is another annoying habit of mine. Unless you are me...in which case it is perfectly reasonable and warranted. I definitely have one of those faces that always looks like I'm judging you and finding you wanting.....which is in many cases true, but I always have the face whether I adore you and think you walk on water or if you are a complete doofus and a waste of my time. Same Face....Sorry

4) Empty Gas Tank Syndrome

We've already discussed this. I recognize all the reasons why I shouldn't do this and I do it anyways. Just a few days ago I said that I was working on it and yet this week I still went 34 miles past Empty. I'm not sure that this is a habit I will every break. 

5) Singing In The Car

I do...I have to admit it. I passed it on to my children and I feel mildly guilty. I sing...loudly...in the car. I don't care who sees....and if I'm on a roadtrip all bets are off because the entire agenda of the trip is singing...loudly...badly....only the words I know...and most definitely off key. And I do NOT sound like Adele. Except in my head...

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