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Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 28 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-My Most Embarrassing Moment

My Most Embarrassing Moment

How do I even pick? I'm so good at embarrassing myself on a regular basis! But none of mine are particularly wonderful....probably one of my best was when I was at the ripe old age of 10 years old. This may fall into the category of PG-13 but I can't imagine I have anyone reading about DIY and old lady stuff that is underage anyways. 

I was always a very advanced reader. I read at a college level by the time I was out of 3rd grade. My parents were always quite good at keeping me interested with appropriate literature that would challenge me, but sometimes I would get a hold of something that's content was a bit over my head. My father is an English professor and always liked to push me a bit but I think he learned his lesson in my most embarrassing moment. 

I just love this amazing book wall! I'd never get anything done but reading!
Photo Via lushome.com

One time when I was 10 we were sitting around the breakfast table in Fallbrook, CA eating blueberry pancakes (why can we remember the most minute details of some things but not where we put our car keys?) on a beautiful spring morning. I remember talking about our upcoming visit to a farmers market/festival that we were going to when I loudly and proudly announced that I was a nymphomaniac


Nothing....for a full minute. 

Then my dad said in his most professor-ly voice. "Perhaps, dear Jenifer, you have not chosen the correct word" To which (because I'm also a Taurus) I replied "Yes I have! I'm a nymphomaniac" Luckily my dear dad simply suggested that I look the word up in the dictionary to be certain and changed the subject, but even now my face gets hot thinking about the sideways glances and barely contained giggles between my step-mother and my dad. Hilarious!

Of course I had read the word in something they had given me and made my own assessment of what the word actually meant. I decided it meant boy-crazy. And it does...sort of. And I was....sort of. But not in the same way of course....at 10 years old.

So the moment wasn't really embarrassing in the moment...but when I learned what the word actually meant in later years....I think back on that moment and blush. Thank heavens dear old dad didn't decide in that moment to teach me a lesson. I may have been scarred for life!!

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