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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 30 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge-My Hopes For My Blog

My Hopes For My Blog

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What are my hopes for this blog? Pretty much what they've always been...but you know I never met a list I didn't like so here goes...

1) To give me an outlet to express my feelings
2) To hopefully have someone read that and relate to the crazy
3) To inspire
4) To support my business by showing my painting and my diy projects
5) I'd love to support my words by video blogging as well. I have no problem with appearing on video but I'm not terrific at the technology
6) To grow
7) To keep in touch with people I love and respect through this medium

I'll stick with lucky 7. If I can do any, most, or all of those things than I can count this as a raving success. Today...I'll start with where it all begins...#1

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