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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 23 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge-If I Won The Lottery

If I Won The Lottery

Hmmmm....If I won the lottery....well first I'd have to PLAY the lottery. Which will launch us into a whole other discussion about gambling. Which essentially the lottery is. I'm not a gambler. I've never been a gambler. Which as prone to addictive tendencies in EVERYTHING I've always been surprised that I'm not. I think it's because I've never won big. And I'm too tentative. And I like getting something for my money. Like shopping. I hand you money...you hand me cool stuff. Gambling doesn't work that way and therefore upsets the natural order of things. Tips the scales so to speak. It doesn't work for me....but I digress. 

So let's suspend our disbelief for just a minute and pretend that indeed I had played the lottery and won. What would I do first? Would my life change? Or would I stay exactly the same humble, generous, kind.......bullshit. Nope...not a chance. My life would change and here's how. 

1) Travel: I would travel 6 months a year....everywhere. There isn't one corner of the globe that I wouldn't want to see. And not all 5 star hotels either...I'd like to backpack in places and ride scooters in other. Camp on the beach in Tahiti and stay in a treehouse in Costa Rica. Float down the river in Yangtze river....you get the idea. I'd also like an RV that I can explore our country in. Somewhere I can stash my vintage finds along the way! Or pull a trailer.

2) Family: I would make sure no one in my family were suffering or doing without. My little one would have a new car...my older one would have a new laptop....and I'm sure there would be a few shopping sprees. 

3) Hubs: That 1 1/2 commute each way to work would have to stop. I'm not sure what that means....but that stuff is nonsense. 

4) Cars: Well I'm pretty sure hubs wouldn't get anything other than a Toyota so that would probably mean a new 4Runner for him and Hi-Lux for me. Have you seen that thing? I don't even know if you can get it in US but it's awesome!

5) Puppers: He'd probably get a new collar....maybe a new dish. And probably some fancy stairs to get him up on the bed. He is a simple dog. 

6) Real Estate: There would be some moving I must admit. As much as I love Arizona...part of the reason is the economy. Don't worry Zonies....See #1...I'd get an RV to come visit between residences. California is high on the list. Also somewhere in the south....Tennessee, Kentucky or North Carolina. 

7) World Peace: I'm not crazy enough to think a lottery winner can bring about world peace, but if financial security were not at the forefront of my mind....maybe I'd have some more time to be of service to others. That would probably be the best part. Oh and shoes....alot of shoes...

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about What attracts me (in love) Oh my!

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